Lead Writer

Brand development, writing, and strategy.


As the lead writer for a distinguished Silicon Valley branding firm, I developed a wide range of copy, content, and creative strategy for globally recognized brands, promising startups, and technology titans.

I worked with C-level executives to develop the foundational branding and messaging frameworks that moved the right needles and provided the solid conceptual grounding to make bold market moves.

Other responsibilities included: product/company naming, logo and design development, creative strategy review, presentations, and proofing.

Day-to-day, I collaborated with designers, strategists, account leads, brand managers, and more to deliver compelling, creative solutions to complex communication challenges.

Subject matter included:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Wealth management
  • Human Resources
  • Biotech
  • Machine learning
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise communications
  • Fintech
  • Big data